Building An Addition: A Homeowner's Guide

  • Gutter Installation: Don't Forget These Rules

    1 March 2017

    Installing your own gutters can save you money. However, there are also mistakes you can make that can be very expensive. There are a couple of things you will need to do in order to make sure that your gutter installation is successful. Use Durable Materials Install gutters that have the most durable materials that you can afford. This will help you avoid problems that would cause damage to the rest of your home if your gutters were to fail.

  • Chainsaw Safety Essential Tips

    1 March 2017

    The chainsaw is one of the most common tools that is used for tree removal. However, if you are not careful, the chainsaw can place you in danger. It is essential that anyone who will be using a chainsaw to remove a tree receive proper training. However, even those who have been trained on how to correctly use a chainsaw can sustain injuries. Wear Protective Equipment Always wear protective equipment when using a chainsaw.

  • Living Room Details To Keep In Mind When Remodeling: Tips For You

    1 March 2017

    When you decide to remodel and renovate your living room, it can be easy to get swept up in and occupied by the major decisions and changes that you will be making to your home's communal living space. However, it is also important to keep the smaller details in mind. Every little element of your living room remodeling project and redesign can make a major difference in your final product. Get to know some of the smaller details to keep in mind as you plan your living room remodeling project so that you can be sure your end result is as fantastic as you hoped it would be.

  • Completing Thermal Processes Successfully

    1 March 2017

    Pure metals and metal alloys serve as critical components in many of the products that are manufactured throughout the world. These metal products are used extensively in the construction industry, which means they must be able to retain their strength and integrity over time. Thermal processes are applied to metal construction materials to ensure their durability and performance well into the future. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you are able to successfully complete the application of thermal processes to your metal products in the future.

  • Addressing Your Home's Low Water Pressure

    28 February 2017

    Access to indoor plumbing is a convenience that modern homeowners have grown accustomed to. In addition to taking running water for granted, many homeowners assume that the water flowing into their home will be pressurized correctly. When water pressure is too low, it can serve as a serious source of inconvenience. Homes that rely on a well to supply their indoor water can suffer from low water pressure. Here are three things that you can do to address your home's low water pressure problems in the future.

  • 4 Problems That Can Arise From Poor Gutter Maintenance

    28 February 2017

    It is just as important to maintain your gutters as it is to maintain the rest of your home's exterior. Damaged gutters can cause significant damage to your home's roof, siding, and foundation, so it is important for every homeowner to understand the risks of damaged gutters and how to avoid them. Here are four problems that can arise from failing to maintain your home's gutters. Falling Gutters Naturally, the part of your home that is in direct danger from poor gutter maintenance is your gutters themselves.

  • Six Selection Tips To Help You Make Decisions About Paint Colors

    28 February 2017

    Painting is an inexpensive, yet dramatic way to change the look of a room, and it can also be done easily and quickly. However, knowing what colors to choose may be the hardest decision you will make when preparing to paint. The choices are nearly infinite, and standing in the paint aisle can be overwhelming. The good news is that you can make decisions about paint colors if you know just a few simple principles and guidelines.

  • How To Clean, Prepare, And Paint Your Home's Fiber Cement Siding

    27 February 2017

    Siding installed on your home can give your home's exterior a uniform and attractive appearance while making its up-keep low or maintenance-free, depending on the type of siding you have installed. Fiber cement siding is an increasingly popular type of siding for homes, as it has the look of wood, but is resistant to rot and insects and can be relatively inexpensive compared to other types of siding. Fiber cement siding is made of Portland cement, sand, wood pulp, and other binding materials, which makes it easy to paint and allows it to hold the paint well to prevent peeling and flaking.

  • 2 Options To Help You Repair And Replace Your Home's Sewer Line

    23 February 2017

    Home sewer clogs can be caused by three main reasons: flushing the wrong materials into your toilets, tree roots growing into your sewer line, and an aging sewer line that has collapsed. Taking care to only flush sewer-appropriate products into your line can help prevent the first cause, but you may not have much control over the other two. Tree roots naturally seek out nutrients and moisture within your sewer line and can easily enter through a small crack or unsealed connection.

  • 3 Ways To Make Your Asphalt Driveway Summer-Safe

    23 February 2017

    As the hot summer months approach, you may not be thinking too much about your driveway. But it's the one thing that can benefit from some simple early planning. From making sure it's protected from the elements all the way to ensuring some new summer shrubbery doesn't damage the surface, here are three ways to make sure your asphalt driveway is summer-safe.   Apply a Seal Coat Changes in the weather can affect paved driveways, whether they're made of asphalt or concrete.