Building An Addition: A Homeowner's Guide

Think Of Dual-Function Rooms When You're Planning A Custom Build

by Toni Richards

In the planning stages of designing your custom home, you'll likely come up with a list of rooms that you want to be built. Many people in this situation are excited to end up with a house their friends will envy and will often plan to have certain spaces devoted to hobbies and other interests. One issue with this idea is that there may be some rooms in your home that you end up using only a fraction of the time because of their singular focus. For example, a home gym is a nice addition to a custom home, but if you only work out for 60 minutes every second day, this room isn't getting a lot of use. Here are some considerations for planning dual-function rooms.

Shared Space

A simple way to plan a room in your custom home so that it has a dual function is to simply split how you use the space evenly. In the example of a home gym, you probably don't need to fill an entire room with gym equipment unless you're a huge workout buff. In this scenario, planning the room to house your workout gear on one side and then coming up with another way to use the other side of the room will increase the value of the space to you. For example, you might wish to pair a home office with a home gym in roughly a 50/50 configuration.

Convertible Space

Another dual purpose idea to consider is how you can easily convert the space for one type of usage to another. There are many different directions that you can take in this manner. For example, many houses' dining rooms may get used just a small percentage of each day or perhaps even less, given the family's propensity for eating in the kitchen or in front of the television. With enough storage, this room could become a good playroom for your children. They can play board games and make crafts on the table, and then stow their items when you wish to have a formal dinner.

Inside/Outside Space

It can be hugely advantageous, provided that you live in an area that has appealing weather, to consider how you might be able to combine indoor and outdoor spaces. A wall that slides or folds out of the way, for example, can turn an average-sized living room into a vast space if you have a patio immediately outside of the home. Such an idea is beneficial if you aren't planning to build an overly large home, but you want to be able to entertain large groups of guests. Those who wouldn't otherwise fit into your living room can flow out onto the patio. This type of scenario isn't always possible when you move into an average home, but talk to your custom home builders about making it happen.