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Have A Dog That Doesn't Enjoy Being Crated During The Day? Create A Pee Pad For Them To Use When You Are Not At Home

by Toni Richards

Many dog owners have to work throughout the day. That often means that their beloved dog has to be locked up in a kennel during the day while they are gone to avoid them having an accident in the house while their owner is gone. This can be very hard for dogs because they do not understand why they are being crated.

If you want to give your beloved pooch the ability to run around freely throughout the day in your home while you are at work without having to worry about them having an accident, consider creating a place for them to use the restroom indoors that will not damage the house. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy pad you can create for your dog to use when they need to use the restroom throughout the day.

Determine How Large the Pad Needs to Be

You first need to consider how large you want the pad to be. If you have a large dog, you should create a larger pad than you would if you have a smaller dog. A larger pad ensures that a large dog has plenty of room to do his or her business throughout the day without accidentally stepping in anything and spreading it throughout your home.

Purchase a Base for the Pad

When your dog goes tinkle, you do not want it to soak into your floors. Purchase a base to put under the pad that is waterproof. A great option is a water heater pan. It is waterproof and the person size to use for large for small dogs.

Purchase Chicken Wire

Next, you need to cut out chicken wire to be slightly smaller than the base you purchased. Place the wire inside of the pan. Create a few layers so that the artificial turn you place in the base does not sit directly on the bottom. This will allow urine to drain through to collect in the base for easy cleaning each day.

Purchase Artificial Turf

You then need to purchase artificial turf and place it over the wire. The turf will be thick enough that the dog will not feel the wire underneath. Have the dog sniff and feel the turf right away. You want them to become comfortable with it.

Once the pad is created, you need to train your dog to use it. It will take time, though. When you come home from work after your dog is trained, you can pick up the excrement and throw it away and then wash off the pan and turf in the tub with ease. Be sure to replace the turf every week or so depending on how often your dog uses the pad to ensure that it is as sanitary as it can be.

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