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Three Instances In Which You Should Consider Refinishing A Bathtub

by Toni Richards

When it's time for a new bathtub, you might instinctively begin to look for a sale in the home supply store flyers that arrive in your mailbox. While buying a new tub is certainly one avenue that you can explore, another idea is to refinish an existing tub. This isn't generally a job that you want to tackle on your own. Instead, hire a remodeling contractor who has experience with this work and can show you before-and-after images of other tubs that he or she has refinished. Here are three instances in which you may wish to consider this type of project.

Your New Tub Is Damaged

An average bathtub should last a very long time, provided that you take good care of it. If you have a tub that is relatively new but has become damaged, it can be a good idea to have it refinished instead of try to replace it. There are many reasons that a bathtub can get damaged, but a common one is due to scratches from pets. For example, if you wash your pet dog in the bathtub repeatedly, its nails could leave scratches in the bottom of the tub — especially if the animal is anxious during the bathing process and trying to claw its way out of the tub.

You Find A Desirable Used Tub

If you favor a rustic or shabby-chic design style in your home, you might frequently scour antique stores and other such vendors to look for items. In your shopping outings, you may come across an old tub that you feel would be a perfect addition to your home. But, if it's an antique, it may not be in the condition that you favor just yet. For example, if it's a cast iron tub, it could have areas of rust around its surface. You can get around this problem by having your remodeling contractor refinish the tub for you to bring it up to standard and give it the look you desire.

You're Going For A New Look

Sometimes, you may want to dramatically change the look of a bathroom, and you may find that your existing tub no longer suits your redesign. For example, if you're going from a cream-colored bathroom to a white one, a cream bathtub will not look right. Instead of going to the expense and hassle of replacing the bathtub, a simple solution is to have a contractor, such as from Albrecht & Son LLC, refinish it in the desired color.