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2 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting The Ceilings In Your Home

by Toni Richards

If you are painting the rooms in your house, you may be hesitant to start on the ceilings, wondering what you can do to make the job easier. When you are ready to take on this part of the project, avoid the following mistakes when painting the ceilings in your home.

Neglecting to Clear the Rooms

One mistake you want to avoid when preparing to paint your ceiling is to leave everything in the rooms. However, doing so can create two problems while you are painting.

First, no matter how careful you are while painting, spatters and drips will happen. And, even if you cover up your furniture and other possessions, you risk getting paint on them.

Second, leaving large items in the room creates obstacles for you. If you have to try to reach over a dresser or chair, you risk missing spots on the ceiling or creating uneven patterns.

To avoid these problems, clear out as much as you possibly can before you begin. If there are items too large to move, place them in the center of the room, and cover them with plastic or a drop cloth. 

Using a Paint Sprayer

Another mistake you want to keep from making is using a paint sprayer on your ceiling. While the sprayer is convenient for use on the walls, trying to paint the ceiling with it can impede your efforts more than it helps.

To paint the ceiling, you would have to point the nozzle of the sprayer up. This creates overspray that not only increases your chances of getting stray paint on the walls and floor, but it could also come back and hit you in the face.

Instead of a sprayer, use a roller to apply the paint to the ceiling. A roller allows you to control the amount of paint you apply at one time and gives you better control of the strokes. You can also hold it out away from you so you do not risk having paint fall on your face or in your hair, creating a mess on your body.

Using the above tips can help make your job of painting the ceiling go a little smoother. However, if you have several rooms to paint or decide you would rather not perform the task yourself, contact a residential painting contractor like AAA Action Painting to discuss your options for having them paint your home for you.