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3 Things To Consider When Demolishing A Building

by Toni Richards

When old buildings fall into disrepair, they can become a safety hazard. Demolishing these unstable structures can be the easiest way to eliminate the hazards they pose, but the demolition process can be complex.

If you are creating a demolition plan for an obsolete building in your area, here are three important things that you need to consider to ensure the success of the demolition process:

1. Look for experienced operators.

In order to successfully tear down an old building, you will need access to many different types of heavy machinery. A crane equipped with a wrecking ball can help bring the building to the ground, while a bulldozer and loader will be required to help clear debris from the demolition site.

Operating heavy machinery is a task that shouldn't be taken lightly, and you should hire only experienced operators to help you complete your demolition project. Certified operators can safely maneuver large machines to help demolish and clear an old building with ease.

2. Create a segregation plan.

Many of the materials used in the construction process can be recycled. To ensure that your building demolition project doesn't contribute to excess landfill waste, you need to have a segregation plan in place prior to beginning any demolishing activities.

Be sure that your workers know to keep metal and other salvageable materials separate from debris so that you can easily clear out the demolition site without throwing away items that can be recycled in the future.

3. Plan ahead to prevent erosion.

Once you have removed an old building, the land will be left exposed to the elements. Any high-quality demolition clearing project should include an erosion control component to help prevent the land from deteriorating once a building has been removed.

Plan ahead to prevent erosion by eliminating large dirt piles from the property after debris has been cleared. You can also use the existing vegetation to create a mulch that will help prevent exposed soil from eroding away as the lot sits empty over time.

Demolishing an old building might seem like a simple project, but the demolition and subsequent clearing can be complex. To ensure that your project goes smoothly in the future it's important that you hire experienced operators to run heavy machinery, create a segregation plan that allows for the recycling of construction materials, and plan ahead to control soil erosion once the building has been removed.

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