Building An Addition: A Homeowner's Guide

Choosing A Kitchen Countertop Color

by Toni Richards

If you're having new countertops installed in your kitchen, the color of the countertops is something you have to choose carefully. It's not just a matter of choosing something that looks pleasant or that matches a particular feature nearby. The color of the countertop affects how clean your kitchen looks as well as how easy it (the kitchen) will be to clean. The color can also have an effect on your mood and physical sense of well-being, so do not treat this decision as a last-minute one.

Hiding Dirt From Others Also Hides It From You

Several darker colors and mottled patterns, like the brownish-gold patterns you see in a lot of granite countertops, are often touted as great ways to hide little bits of dirt from visitors -- meaning that anyone who comes over won't mistake a ground-in stain for dirt that you were just too lazy to take care of. However, that darker pattern means that dirt and crumbs are pretty much hidden from you because they can blend in with the pattern. You'd have to be vigilant about cleaning these counters anyway so that you didn't leave crumbs out where bugs could find them.

Showing Dirt Means Lots of Cleaning

Of course, if you get a lighter color for the countertop, you'll have to take care to clean it frequently, regardless of crumb status, just because a little dust could make the countertop look bad. Granted, some people don't mind this; cleaning countertops is one of the easiest home-maintenance tasks. But do be prepared to give the countertop frequent swipes with a cleanser even if you don't see crumbs.

Watch out for Fad Colors

Try to stick with long-lasting neutral colors instead of whatever the current trend says is cool. Like clothing fashion, kitchen countertop fashion can be somewhat fleeting, and you don't want to be stuck with countertops for the next several years that looked dated a few months after you got them. Neutral colors tend to work for years.

What Color Would You Want to See When Feeling Blah?

One more consideration is how colors make you feel. Try envisioning which colors you wouldn't want to see if you were feeling down or ill; for example, a dull gray likely won't be your favorite if you're feeling ill, but a light beige could be fine. Pick something that makes you feel better.

Your countertops are going to last a long time, so they should be in a color and have a pattern that you'll be able to live with for years. Contractors, like House Of Floors, who sell and install countertops can help you choose.