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Bought A House In San Francisco? What This Means For Your Sewage

by Toni Richards

San Francisco is well-known for its extreme hills. Cars and trucks face dangerously steep climbs as they attempt to go uphill, and then their brakes are worn through from constantly braking going downhill. If you recently bought a home in San-Fran, you may have some other surprises awaiting you beyond the wear and tear on your vehicle. This includes your home's plumbing and sewage lines. Sewer pump repair is big business here for several reasons. Here is what your new home's plumbing requires in this very hilly city.

Downhill and Uphill Plumbing

Plumbing works best when the waste can run downhill, which is typically not a problem in most of San Francisco. The problems arise when plumbing has to go over rises and hills and still connect with city sewers while avoiding the Bay. In these instances, the homes have to rely on sewer pumps to make sure the sewage makes it to the main sewer lines and does not go where it is not supposed to. If you bought a home with a sewer pump (and your real estate agent should have told you if you did), you will have to maintain the septic tank and pump.

What the Pump Does

The pump is actually inside your septic tank. The tank may be pumped regularly to extract sewage, or it exists as a stopping point en route to the city sewer lines. Regardless of why you have a septic tank in the city, the sewer pump acts as a way to pull sewage and wastewater from your new home into the tank. Because of the way the pipes run and connect in your home to the sewer lines, it would not be possible otherwise to get the sewage to move in the direction it needs to without the pump's assistance. Such is the way of the sewer lines in San Fran.

Have a Sewer Pump Contractor Check Your System

After you have finished moving into your San Francisco home, be sure to have a sewer pump contractor come out to check out the plumbing, the pump and any tanks that are on your property. Everything should be relatively clean and in working order so you only need to have things checked every few months. If the tank actually acts as a septic tank and not a stop-over station for the sewage, you may need more frequent visits by a company that does the pumping and emptying of the tank.

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