Building An Addition: A Homeowner's Guide

A Quick And Easy Way To Update The Look Of Your Deck Without Replacing Any Of The Decking

by Toni Richards

Replacing a deck can be quite expensive to have done. If you have noticed that some of the boards on your deck have started to splinter, you are more than likely fearful to walk on it with bare feet for fear that a splinter could get stuck in your feet. Fortunately, you can use the guide below to learn how to update your deck without having to have the boards completely replaced.

Have the Deck Pressure Washed

The first thing you will need to do is you will need to have the deck professionally pressure washed. The pressure washing company will have the equipment that is needed to deep clean the wood. When the wood is cleaned, it will open up the pores so that the boards will be able to better soak up the deck coating when you apply it.

Choose the Deck Coating You Want to Use

Next, you need to choose what color of deck coating you want to use on the deck. You want to be sure to choose a color that will not stand out too much when you finish the job. Many people choose a color that is similar to the shingles on their roof or the shutters on the home. It is up to you to choose whatever color you feel would look best.

Fill in the Gashes and Damaged Areas

The deck coating kit will come with a putty that you can use to fill in any gashes or damaged areas that you notice in the boards. You want to be sure to smooth out the putty so that it is flush with the rest of the board so that the filler cannot be detected when you are done. The filler will need some time to harden so it is best to start this step as soon as you can.

Apply the Deck Coating

The deck coating can simply be rolled onto the deck using a paint roller and paint pan. Be sure to apply the coating as evenly as you can so that you have a smooth finish when you are done. One coating is often enough, but you may have to apply a second coating if your deck is badly worn or damaged.

Once the coating finishes drying, the deck will look as good as new. This option is very affordable and will give you the look you want without the high cost of replacing the entire deck with new boards.