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3 Tips For Refinishing Your Bathtub

by Toni Richards

Improving the appearance and function of your home's bathrooms can be a great way to increase the aesthetic and financial value of your home. A dated or damaged bathtub can detract from the value of your bathroom, but you may not have room in your budget to replace this costly fixture.

Making the choice to refinish your existing bathtub can be a great option when you are trying to update your bathroom on a limited budget. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your refinished bathtub is attractive and functional in the future.

1. Invest in the right supplies.

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure your refinished bathtub looks great is to take the time to invest in the right supplies.

In addition to the actual refinishing kit that you will use to coat the surface of your bathtub, you will need painting tools, a tarp or plastic sheet to protect the flooring in your bathroom, and some quality cleaning agents. Having the right supplies available throughout the process will enable you to focus on completing your bathtub refinish properly.

2. Don't rush through the preparation phase.

In order to ensure that your refinished bathtub looks great, you need to take the time to properly prepare the tub for the application of the refinishing product. You should start by using some powerful cleaning agents to thoroughly clean out the tub's interior.

Any soap scum or dirt that is left on the surface of the tub could prevent the refinishing product from adhering properly, so spend some times scrubbing your tub out completely. Next, use a fine-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the tub slightly to facilitate the adhesion of the refinishing product. You should also fill in any cracks or holes with a plumbing putty before you begin applying the refinishing product to your tub.

3. Follow the instructions on your refinishing kit.

The products contained within each refinishing kit require proper handling and application in order to help you achieve the best results. You need to take the time to read though the instructions that came with your kit before you begin refinishing your tub so that you know what to expect.

It's especially important that you adhere to the recommended drying schedule between each coat of refinishing product to allow the product ample time to cure.

Refinishing your existing bathtub can be a simple and cost-effective way to update your bathroom's aesthetic. Ensure your project goes smoothly by investing in the right supplies, prepping your tub properly, and following the instructions included in the refinishing kit exactly to avoid application mistakes. Talk to a professional, like Carefree Koatings, for more help.