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Dealing With A Problematic Elevator

by Toni Richards

Did you purchase a building that has a problematic elevator? Before opening up the doors to your business, it is important to get the elevator repaired by a technician. If someone happens to get hurt by the elevator, you can be held liable for his or her injuries. There are a few things that can go wrong with an elevator, but many of the problems can be prevented in the future if preventative maintenance is done. Take a look at this article for some helpful information about problematic elevators.

1. The Door Closes Too Soon

The door to an elevator should pause for a while before closing, at least long enough to allow several people to walk inside. If your elevator door is closing in a fast manner, there are a few things that could be the cause. For example, there are photo eyes on the elevator that should be able to sense when someone is trying to walk into the elevator. If the photo eyes are damaged or dirty, they might not signal the door to open and close correctly. The mechanical safety edge of the door might also be in need of a repair.

2. Movement Is Done in a Sporadic Manner

You should stay out of the elevator if it has been moving up and down in a sporadic manner. For instance, the elevator should not wobble while it is moving. Such a problem points to the hoist ropes being problematic. The ropes must be inspected in a timely manner in case they are on the verge of snapping loose. A technician might need to install new ropes. The hoist ropes are also made of metal, so getting them lubricated might be the only repair that is necessary.

3. The Elevator Makes a Lot of Noise

There is nothing more annoying than riding in a noisy elevator. If your elevator makes a lot of noise, the motor might be the problem. It is possible that the motor is covered in contaminated oil that is preventing it from functioning properly.  The motor might also be worn out and need to be replaced. Damaged hoist ropes can also cause an elevator to become noisy.

4. You Are Only Able to Move Between Certain Floors

If your elevator stops before reaching certain floors, the hoist ropes might be damaged. It is also possible that one of the ropes is jammed and need to be released. The elevator is unable to move to the fullest extent without the ropes being functional.