Building An Addition: A Homeowner's Guide

Looking To Build A Pergola? Construction Items You Need

by Toni Richards

Building your own pergola is possible if you want to create an area outdoors that is shaded. If you think that you have enough experience working with wood and a saw that you can build the item on your own, and you don't want to purchase one that is already fabricated, building is the best choice. This way you can choose to paint or stain the pergola any color that you want, and you can add custom features to it during the construction. Here are a few of the things you want to look into.


There are many places that you can get building plans for the pergola that you want. You can look online at building websites, you can purchase the plans from home improvement stores, or you can find them at your local library if there is a home improvement section. The plans to build the pergola should be low cost or free. Be sure to measure the area, so you know how large of a pergola you want to add.

Construction Supplies

 You will have to go to a construction supply store to get the items that you need. This would include wood, hardware, power tools, and any of the items that are included in the plans. The types of supplies you need that are costly, like saws, can often be rented from a local construction supply center at a low cost. This way you don't have to purchase the power tools.


There are a lot of accessories you can get to go with a pergola. You can get a rolling fabric or tarp that allows you to completely shade the area under the pergola, or even to act as walls so you can have some privacy when you are outdoors. Look at great accessories that are going to improve the look of your outdoor space.

There are a lot of different designs that you can choose when you build a pergola, and you can even choose to add some lattice if you want. If you like to do projects around your home and you are trying to get a way to outline the area with some shade, this is an ideal way to do it. The construction supply store, like Wylaco Supply Company, may also have kits that you can purchase, where a lot of the pieces are already stained or painted, and they are already cut into shape.