Building An Addition: A Homeowner's Guide

The Different Flooring Types: Care And Repair Needs For Floors Throughout Your Home

by Toni Richards

When you do renovations to your home, there may be different types of flooring installed in different areas. The different types of floors will require specific care to ensure that they last for many years. Wood floors will need to be polished, refinished and occasionally repaired. Carpets will need to have cleaning done, and tile may need to be restored. Here are some things that you will want to know about caring for the different flooring in your home:

Wood: Cleaning, Polishing, Repairs, and Finishing to Keep Hardwood Looking Like New

Hardwood flooring is a material that lasts for generations and can even be refinished to give your floors a new look. To maintain your hardwood floors, you will want to clean and polish them regularly. When you clean wood flooring, use wood soap and as little water as possible. When your floors are showing signs of wear, contact a hardwood flooring service and have them sand and refinish floors to give them a shining new surface. When floors are refinished, this is also a time when you will want to do any repairs that are needed.

Carpet: Durable Carpet Choices and Regular Cleaning to Preserve Appearance

There are some areas of your home where you may want to have a comfortable floor for your home. Carpet is a popular choice for areas of the home like bedrooms. When you have carpet installed, choose wisely and use something that has denser threading and that is stain resistant. When your carpet gets old and grime is starting to show, hire a floor cleaning service to make the floors look like new. One way to reduce wear is to use throw rugs where carpet is likely to get the most traffic.

Tile: The Choices of Tile and Repairs or Restoration to Ensure Tiles And Grout Last For Years

Tile is another durable flooring material that you will want to use in areas like kitchens or dining rooms, where stains and wear are more likely. Overtime, the grout in tile may become worn or cracked. To prevent staining, use a lighter mortar. If there is cracking, the best choice is going to be to have the tiles restored with new grout and repairs to any other damage that your floors may have after years of wear.

If you want to make sure your home has floors that are beautiful and long lasting, these are some of the things that you will need to do to care for the different types of materials. Contact a flooring cleaning service to help with the repairs and maintenance of your floors to ensure they last for many years to come.