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What You Can Expect From A Water Damage Repair Company

by Toni Richards

There is nothing like having water where you do not want it. When your home floods it can be one of the most devastating things that can happen. Luckily you do not have to battle this problem alone, and you can hire a professional clean up and water damage repair company. These companies provide many different services that can make your life much less stressful during the anxiety filled time. They can take care of the water cleanup while you see to other matters that have occurred since your home was flooded. Bringing in a group of professionals is always nice, and here is what your can expect from them.

First Inspection

Many companies are going to bring all their equipment and people, but first they will do a very thorough walk-through of the home. They are going to look for possible causes of the water, if it is not a flood or obvious, and they will look at the potential damage. Once these professionals have an idea of what they are dealing with, they will get right to work.

Remove The Water

The first order of business will be for them to remove the water. They are most likely going to have a few sump pumps that will pump the water out of the house. They will put these in low spots and allow the pump to do the work for them. During this process many companies will utilize very big fans to start pushing the water to the pump, but also to dry out the home. It is a very important step in the repair process to get everything dry, so the damage can be assessed. Once everything is dry they will start to look for different problems that have stemmed from the water.

Sanitizing And Rebuilding

A common problem that you may find with flooding is that damp and wetness will often spur mold growth. You do not want mold in your home for many health reasons. The company is going to inspect the flooring and the sheetrock that is close to the ground. If it needs replaced the professionals will rip it out. When everything that needs to be ripped out is out, the time for the repair comes. Many water damage specialists have expertise in the reconstruction of the damage parts of you home, and will start to put up new sheetrock, and then put down new carpet for you.