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Four Industrial Cooling Options And How Each Contributes To A More Comfortable Work Environment

by Toni Richards

Industrial cooling involves one or more processes by which the air in the plant has a reduction in temperature. If you are desperately trying to cool your plant down and prevent heat-related medical issues for your employees, you know what a struggle this is. What you may not know is that there are four industrial cooling options, and each of them works a little differently. After you have learned more about them, you may want to use more than one option to cool down your industrial plant.

Evaporative Cooling Fans

Who does not like a little mist on their faces with a blowing fan? It is this industrial fan that spawned the dozens of summertime personal face misters for sale every year. These fans typically are mounted to the ceiling and blow cool mist down with the fanned air, but there are floor models that work just as well. If you are cramped for floor space in your plant, or floor misters would not work with the type of manufacturing and production your company does, install the overhead ceiling versions. 

Industrial Ceiling Fans

These huge ceiling fans are a better option if you need to control excess moisture in a particular part of your plant. They keep the air circulating while pulling hot air up toward the ceiling. As the hot air is pulled upward by the fans, the cooler air settles below. They are extremely large and very powerful, almost like a wind turbine. Ergo, make sure you have enough clearance on your ceiling before installing one or more of these in your plant.

Intake and Exhaust Fans

These fans are mounted into the wall at leg level. They suck all the hot air from the plant and eject it outside. The result is a cooler plant because of the constant removal of the heated air in the plant's environment. These are a good option when used in conjunction with evaporative cooling fans because as the hot air is sucked out and ejected, the cooling fans add more cool air to the plant.

Portable Cooling Fans

These are industrial-strength floor fans. They are probably your cheapest option, and perhaps the most convenient as you can move them to any part of the plant on their wheeled bases. They do require their own power outlets because you will have to find a way to plug them in. If you have enough outlets, and you can work the fans into a position where they provide a nice cross-breeze for your employees, then this a good option for you.

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