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What's Going On With Your Ductless Heat Pump?

by Toni Richards

It is important to troubleshoot any problems that you have with your ductless heat pump. If you delay troubleshooting, the issue could worsen and lead to higher expenses for repair. Troubleshooting also gives you the information needed to discuss the problem with your HVAC technician. Here are some common heat pump problems and some basic steps you can take.  

Heat Pump Does Not Start

There are a number of reasons that a ductless heat pump will not start. To troubleshoot the issue, you should start by checking the power to the pump. Ensure the circuit has not tripped and that the thermostat is on the right settings.  

In some instances, a blown fuse is the culprit. If you know how to remove, check, and replace the fuse, take the time to do so now. In addition to this, look for any loose wires connected to the pump.  

If the problem persists, it could be the result of a compressor overload or a need to replace the contactor or transformer. The technician will have to perform these tasks.  

The Pump Freezes Up

When the heat pump freezes up, it could be a sign that the filter is in need of changing. The dirty filter can prevent air from flowing out into your home and instead push it back towards the system. When changing the filter, make sure you use one that has the same measurements as the one currently installed.  

Before moving forward, turn off the heat pump to allow it time to thaw. Check the area to ensure there is nothing that could cause blockage before turning it back on. If the pump freezes again, call in a technician.  

The Pump Is Not Cooling

Sometimes, resolving a cooling issue with the pump is as simple as cleaning the evaporator coils. Turn off the system before cleaning the coils and check the filter before restarting it.  

If the pump is still not cooling, look at the piping that feeds the refrigerant to the pump. If it appears to be tangled or damaged, it will need to be straightened. If the air is still not cooled, it is likely that the refrigerant is low and there is a leak in the system. You have to call in a technician to refill the unit and repair the leak.  

Other problems that occur with your ductless heat pump should be assessed by your HVAC technician as soon as possible. Contact a company like Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc. to learn more.