Building An Addition: A Homeowner's Guide

Three Tips for Protecting Your Building Against Fire

by Toni Richards

Protecting a building against fire is among the more important responsibilities that a property owner will have. Unfortunately, mistakes can cause you to inadvertently increase the risks of fire seriously damaging your building. Minimizing the risk of fire damage can be done as easily as following some simple tips for getting the best performance from your fire alarm system.

Leave the Doors to Rooms Without Fire Alarms Open

Closing the doors to the rooms that are unused can seem like a harmless thing to do. Yet, closing these doors can delay smoke from fires reaching the alarm system. This delay may allow the fire to rapidly intensify before help is contacted. While leaving the doors to unprotected rooms open can contribute to some privacy concerns, these are small prices to pay for preventing a devastating fire from spreading throughout the home before you are made aware of it. If there are rooms in your home where you simply can not leave the door opened, you should pay the additional fee to have an alarm installed so that any smoke from a fire will be detected as quickly as possible.

Keep a Calendar Outlining the Days That You Have Tested the Batteries in the Alarm

Every couple of weeks, you may want to test the batteries in the fire alarm system. These batteries will weaken as time passes, and this can inhibit the ability of the system to accurately detect smoke. Yet, remembering the dates when you have tested these batteries may be difficult, and going for long periods without this type of maintenance can result in the batteries failing. You will be able to remember this important information by having a calendar that is specially designated for maintaining the fire system. Posting this calendar in a frequently visited area of the home will allow you to glance at it and determine when this test will need to be performed.

Choose an Alarm System That Is Constantly Monitored

A fire alarm system that is not professionally monitored may have very limited benefits. When you have a fire alarm system that is monitored by a professional company, the local fire department will be notified immediately when a fire is detected in the home. Helping the fire department to respond as quickly as possible to a fire occurring in your home can be more than worth the costs that are involved with hiring a monitoring service. Unfortunately, many fire alarm systems are not designed to be actively monitored, which will make it important to choose an alarm system that has this feature when you make this purchase.

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