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Removing A Set-In Stain From Your Couch

by Toni Richards

If you live with pets or kids, it's inevitable that something will be spilled onto the fabric of your couch at some point in the future. While cleaning up a spill immediately is the easiest way to keep your couch looking new, it's not always feasible to assume you will be able to get to a spill right away. If you discover a set-in stain on your couch, you might feel like the stain is there to stay.

Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that you can use to help get rid of unsightly set-in stains from the fabric of your couch in the future.

1. Don't assess the damage until after you vacuum your couch.

The first step in removing a set-in stain is taking the time to thoroughly vacuum the stained area. You should use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and go over the stained area several times to achieve the best results.

Vacuuming helps to loosen and remove any particles left behind by the substance which caused your set-in stain. You may notice that the stain appears much lighter after a thorough vacuuming, so vacuuming first allows you to properly assess what needs to be done to get the set-in stain off your couch cushion.

2. Consult your couch's cleaning code.

The last thing you want to do is cause more damage when you are attempting to remove a set-in stain from your couch. Before you apply any chemical cleaners to the stain, you should consult the cleaning code for your couch. This code will tell you which chemicals can safely be used for cleaning and which will interact negatively with the couch's fabric to create dark or light spots of discoloration.

If you can't locate your couch's cleaning code, look on the tag to identify the fabric used to upholster your couch and do a quick Internet search to access the information you need to safely begin cleaning.

3. Loosen the stain with steam.

If you can safely use water to clean your couch, it can be beneficial to hit a set-in stain with a bit of steam before you start scrubbing.

The heat and moisture will help to relax the fibers in your couch's upholstery material and it will loosen the particles that are contributing to the stain to make them easier to remove. There is no need to get out your steam cleaner, using your clothing iron programmed to the steam setting will be sufficient.

Being able to get rid of set-in stains from your couch will help you keep your furniture's upholstery looking new in the future. For more information, contact local professionals like Supreme Cleaners Inc.