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Gutter Installation: Don't Forget These Rules

by Toni Richards

Installing your own gutters can save you money. However, there are also mistakes you can make that can be very expensive. There are a couple of things you will need to do in order to make sure that your gutter installation is successful.

Use Durable Materials

Install gutters that have the most durable materials that you can afford. This will help you avoid problems that would cause damage to the rest of your home if your gutters were to fail. Purchasing the most durable materials will also reduce the frequency at which you need to have these materials replaced.

Get Gutters That Are The Right Size

Find out what your shingle size is. Then, talk to a hardware store about what sized gutter is right for the size of your shingles. If your gutters are not properly sized, they will not function properly. 

Have The Right Pitch

Gutters look like they are even. However, they actually need a slight pitch in order to allow water to flow down the gutters. If there is no pitch, the water will simply overflow in the gutters rather than travel down the downspout. The gutters should slope at least a half inch every 10 feet. However, if the pitch is too steep, the water will move too fast and may spill out. 

Place The Gutters A Few Inches Below

Make sure the gutters are a few inches underneath your roof line. Otherwise, the runoff will drip over the edges and will land on the ground underneath your roof, which will defeat the purpose of having gutters. 

Have Properly Spaced Hangers

The hangers used for the gutter system need to be properly spaced together in order to provide support. Otherwise, the rain gutters will sag and this will prevent the gutters from functioning properly. Rather than the water traveling to the drain spout, it will simply spill over the edge.

Reduce The Seams

Try to minimize or eliminate the number of seams that your gutters have. The seams are the part of the gutter that is the most likely to suffer from damage. There are some gutters that are entirely seamless and can be the longest lasting and most effective gutters that you can install to your home.

Given how difficult it can be to properly install a gutter system, it make more sense to hire professionals to do the job. Mistakes made when installing your gutters can cost you more money than the cost of hiring professionals in the first place.