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3 Ways To Decorate Your Chain Link Fencing

by Toni Richards

Adding a fence to the perimeter of your property can be a great way to secure your home against unwanted guests and intruders. Chain link fencing is a popular option among homeowners due to its affordability and easy installation.

If a chain link fence fits your budget but not your aesthetic, here are three simple things you can do to decorate your chain link fencing in the future.

1. Weave a pattern into your fencing with yarn.

The openings that characterize a chain link fencing are reminiscent of the woven pattern that characterizes the material used for cross-stitch and embroidery projects. You can easily turn your chain link fence into a work of art by weaving a pattern into your fence using yarn.

All you have to do is map out the design you want, then invest in some durable yarn in colors that complement your home's exterior. Wrap the yarn around each square in the chain link fence until you have achieved your desired look.

2. Let your fence double as a vertical garden.

Adding more foliage to your home's exterior can easily increase its curb appeal. Chain link fencing provides the perfect structural support for a vertical garden. Try painting some old soup and coffee cans in varying colors, drilling some holes into the bottoms of the cans for drainage, then planting colorful flowers in these cans.

You can use S-shaped hooks to attach the can planters to your chain link fencing to create a unique and living focal piece for your home's exterior.

3. Add interest with glass stones.

When sunlight passes through colored glass, it creates a wonderful and whimsical atmosphere. You can easily convert your boring chain link fencing into a pseudo stained glass installation using some simple glass stones.

All you have to do is purchase some glass stones in varying shapes and sizes. Use some durable wire to wrap the stones, then attach the stones to your chain link fence by wrapping the end of the wire around the fencing. Let the stones hang down into the openings created by the chain link fencing's diamond pattern, then watch the sun transform your yard into a glittering art installation.

Transforming your cheap chain link fencing into something more magnificent can be simple and affordable. Try weaving a colorful pattern into your fence using some yarn, transforming your fence into a vertical planter, or adding glass stones to give your chain link fencing a more artistic feel. For more information, check out a site like