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3 Reasons To Install Radiant Heating In Your Home

by Toni Richards

If you are looking into installing a great heating system for your home, you should consider radiant heating. Here are three reasons to install radiant heating in your home. 

Very Efficient 

A radiant heating system is going to be incredibly efficient because all of the heat is going to go exactly where you want it to go, and you aren't going to have to worry about heat loss. This is possible because the radiant heating panels are going to be installed directly into your floors, walls, and or ceiling, which are located in the rooms that you want to heat. This means that the heat isn't going to be lost in the transfer because it is already in the room that you want it to be in. With a regular duct heating system, a lot of the heat can be last as it travels through the ducts, which means less heat for you.

Doesn't Distribute Allergens 

If you are someone who has to deal with allergies, then the last thing you want to worry about are allergens blowing into and through your home via the ducts and vents that distribute the heated air. Unfortunately, this is something that can be hard to avoid when you have this kind of heating system because you have to have the hot air to heat your home. However, a great alternative heating system to use is going to be a radiant heating system. You aren't going to have to deal with heated air blowing with this type of a system because the heat is simply going to radiate out of your floors and/or walls, much like when the sun heats the sidewalk and it then puts off heat. This allows you to still get great heat, without having to worry about inhaling allergens in the air and having your allergies act up. 


Unlike traditional heating systems that include furnaces, ducts, and vents, a radiant heating system is only going to have radiant heat panels. This is going to make it much more quiet than your traditional heating system. If you hate all of the clicks, clanks, and gushing of air that you hear each time that your traditional heating system turns on, then a radiant heating system is likely going to be the way to go. You will get great heat, and you won't even known when your system turns on or off.