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3 Ways To Power An Off-Grid Deep Well Pump

by Toni Richards

If you purchased a rural home that has a very deep well and no connection to the power grid, then you need to find an alternative way to get the water up and out of the well. Typically, deep well pumps use electricity to power their lifting of water up the pipe inside of the well's outer casing. However, if you do not have a public electrical connection available on your property, then you need to find an alternative means of running your well's pump. To accomplish this very important task, you have three very viable options to choose from:

  • solar power via solar panels
  • wind power via a wind turbine
  • human power via a hand pump 

The option you choose will have a lot to do with the weather in your local area and your budget. Here is more information on each option to help with your selection:

Solar Powering a Deep Well Pump

If your new homestead is in an area of the country that gets lots of sunshine, then you can power your deep well pump using a small solar array and a backup battery. The backup battery will store the sun's energy for use on days when there isn't enough sun to power the pump.

Wind Powering a Deep Well Pump

Similarly to using solar power to work your deep well pump, a wind turbine can also be used if you live in a climate with a fair amount of wind. A battery backup can be used to capture excess energy from the wind turbine to store for days when the wind is not sufficient to provide your pump with power. A wind turbine system is about the same cost as a solar system and requires similar care and maintenance.

Human Powering a Deep Well Pump

Finally, you always have the option of placing a hand pump on the surface of your property. This is by far the cheapest of the three options but will require you to do a lot of pumping each time you need water. For a household of multiple people, you should seriously consider either solar or wind power for your deep well pump. For a single person on a small homestead, a hand pump is a reasonable option. You should install your hand pump near your well head because this will reduce the amount of pumping required to produce water. If you locate your hand pump a long way from the well, then you will be doing a lot of pumping just to extract a small amount of water.

For more advice about powering your well pump, consider calling a well pump company like Modern Pump & Equipment.