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Revolving Door Maintenance Guide

by Toni Richards

A revolving door can provide a grand entrance for your business, but it does require regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to work smoothly. The following guide can help you spot possible maintenance issues before they become a problem so your doors remain open for business.

Keep it clean

Dirt and dust can make a manual revolving door difficult to push. Dust and pollution blow in from outside. It can be especially troublesome during windy weather or if the pollen count is high. Make sure your maintenance or janitorial crew sweeps out the revolving door every day. They should also vacuum around the top and bottom pivot with a hose attachment to help remove any dust or debris that has collected in the area. If the dirt is stuck, then use water or a glass cleaner to remove it. Avoid solvent-based cleaners, as they can eat into the paint or metal.

Check the paint

Paint damage can also affect how well the door works. This damage is most likely to occur from improper cleaning or from environmental hazards, such as salt damage or humidity. As the paint flakes, it literally gums up the works so the door can't move smoothly. Check for signs of paint damage weekly. If you notice a problem beginning, call a door maintenance company to repaint the revolving door.

Lubricate regularly

Your door should be on a regular maintenance schedule that includes lubrication of the pivot joints. The frequency will vary, depending on environmental factors and the door manufacturer, so check with your installation company for recommendations. When it is time to lubricate, the door tech will oil both the top and bottom pivot points, as well as check and replace ball bearings in the joints as necessary. They will then manually move the door so they can check for remedy any friction points so the door continues to move smoothly.

Perform weatherstripping checks

The brushes at the top and bottom of the door, along with the rubber gasket along the side, are vital components that prevent dust and dirt from collecting in the workings of the door or from blowing into your building. These do wear out over time, so replace them if they begin to look worn or damaged. This is also a good time to check all the bolts affixing the door in place to make sure everything is properly tightened and working properly.

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